C. F. Casey Guitars – ‘Hear the Sound that Quality Makes’

Fred Casey is not only a wonderful luthier who creates gorgeous instruments, he also happens to be my husband! He's been building for almost 40 years and has instruments in Canada, the USA, Great Britain, Norway, Australia and Germany. Check out his work! And 'like' his Facebook page, too!

Ukulele Club of Winnipeg -

This is the website where you can find all the up-to-date information regarding events, membership news, songbooks and songsheets, playing tips, etc. Sign up and you'll get a monthly e-letter that will keep you in the loop!

Mary Ann Tully -

The beautiful painting I used as the cover of my CD "Marie's Forest" was painted by artist Mary Ann Tully. Mary Ann has been painting for twenty years. Storytelling with paint, she creates worlds of beauty, mystery and hope. Her love of colour and design infuses her watercolour, acrylic and mixed media work with a rich tapestry-like quality.

She views art as a celebration of the human spirit. It has allowed her to express her voice with regard to human rights and various social issues. She is especially interested in the stories women tell with their hands in daily work and in the art and craft they create.

Her more recent work honours nature, its beauty and the need for its protection.

Peter Paul Van Camp -

Anyone who attended the Winnipeg Folk Festival for many years will remember Peter Paul Van Camp as the good-natured, rhyming MC who would work the crowd into a frenzy with poetry, of all things! His new book should be in every home, and you can get it by e-mailing him here:

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